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Yes, we love our dogs, from their clingy nature to how they play and make one feel more occupied with a best friend all day. It’s so cute, but there’s one aspect everyone ought to hate about these furry creatures. It’s their poop. The poop and urine they always leave behind when they relieve their system is not good for our homes and even our health. That awful smell isn’t just a cause of annoyance, but it can also serve as a breeding spot for bacteria and other parasites.

But how do I eliminate the smell of dog poop on the floor? Use enzymatic cleaner to remove and prevent poop smell on the floor. Disposing the poop outside your home if also a god way to prevent the smell from lingering around your house. Potty training your dogs is a surefire solution.

Getting rid of that awful stench of dog poop from the floor in the house is essential if you want your home to continue having that fresh and clean scent. In this blog post, we’ll equip you with much knowledge needed to get rid of that bingo poop smell today.

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6 Quick Tricks for Removing the Smell Of Dog Poop On The Floor

So now we’re done with that, how do I get rid of this mess? It’s not just about picking the poop because the smell always lingers but also getting rid of the smell at once.

1. Act fast

You should always consider how you’ll get rid of that poop and the smell it leaves behind. Note that the faster you act to getting things done, the better it is in preventing the stain and smell from settling in. if you tend to puke at any irritating stuff, then I advise you try to toughen up here because getting rid of this entails getting real close to it.

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2. Train your dog

Ensure your dog is out, and you’re all alone in the house. This helps reduce the chances of the poop being spread around and protects the dog from contracting parasites when they contact the poop. Also, for your safety, ensure you wear a rubber glove to protect you from transmitting any pathogen from the poop to your system.

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3. Pick up the poop and dispose it outside

Solid poops are a bit easier to pick up, but you see the semi-liquid disgusting poop, you’ll have to scrub for a while with a kitchen towel. After scrubbing, put the poop and any used towel in a plastic bag and dispose of them at once. Remember, we’re trying to get rid of both the poop and the smell here, so consider disposing of it at a bin far from home. After that, clean the floor underneath the carpet and the whole spot on which this gift was presented.

4. Use enzymatic cleaner and odor remover

Avoid using strong ammonia-based detergents, as they’ll entice your dogs to use that spot as a toilet once more. Instead of using detergents, I’ll advise you to go out there and obtain an enzymatic odour remover. You can get it from pet stores and supermarkets around you. If you can’t find one, there are many DIY home remedies like baking soda online. Just try as much as possible to be more cautious here. Aside from ammonia, you should also avoid using vinegar as its effects are similar to ammonia.

Eliminating the awful smell of dog poop on the floor is pretty easy as cleaning off the primary source of the smell, which is the poop. This entails clearing off the poop that you can see and killing off those microscopic particles that can’t be seen with an enzymatic cleaner.

Provided above are just the basic ways of getting rid of poop smell from a carpeted floor. But what if the floor is made of hardwood? What can I do?

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5. How to get rid of dog poop smell on hardwood floors

For hardwood floors, you can follow the steps provided for the carpeted floors, i.e., thorough cleaning of the floor with a non-ammonia based and a non-vinegar constituent all-purpose surface cleaner. Solid poops are pretty easy to clean in this situation, but when the poop is a bit watery, it might get to soak into the cracks between floorboards or even into the wood. In this case, you’ll have to strip, sand, and re-varnish the hardwood floor.

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6. Try Potty Training Your Dogs

This is more like a prevention technique to ensure the incidence doesn’t occur again. Have you ever wondered why your dogs love using the carpet to ease off waste? This behaviour alone show that dogs have a good knowledge of absorbency. They do this because it prevents them from getting wet. That’s why they poop and pee on the carpet, not minding what the main use is. When you notice this, and you don’t correct them on time, you risk losing the carpet to poops and urine in no time.

Teaching your dogs how and where to relieve them completely stops them from messing up unexpected areas in the home. If you don’t want to be welcomed home with a bad stench and a poop gift on that expensive carpet, you should train them properly on where and how they should relieve themselves. This training doesn’t just end when you feel they’ve gotten the gist, try reinforcing it through potty walks and breaks. This will help reduce the occurrence of your dog messing up the whole house even when you’re not at home.

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Inside your home is probably the worst spot to think of your furry companion gifting you a smelly present, especially when the floor is carpeted. Since this gift is considered awful and unwanted, severe cleaning needs to be enacted. This will help provide comfort for you, and it’ll also show the dog that it isn’t wanted. Most times, our dogs tend to find a suitable spot far from home, maybe in the garden or the back of the house. So, when your dog poops on the floor, which is not where it’s meant to, aside from removing the stain and the smell, always check your dog for any signs of illness because it’s unusual to poop inside. This is a sign that all isn’t well with your dog.

Clearing off poop smell isn’t just good for the nose alone. It helps prevent accidents from reoccurring indoors and even helps prevent the spread of diseases. It may look a bit disgusting, annoying, and very unpleasant, but it still stands as an important duty as a pet owner. So, get your gloves and masks on; you can use an enzymatic cleaner for better results.

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